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Apr 27 2015

Summer’s Coming!!

Summer LoadingHey friends! We’re quickly coming up on May and then June brings us into Summer 2015! I’m very excited for what we have in store for you! Nothing is in stone at this moment, but we’re looking to get ahold of some great prizes to give away. Because it’s not finalized, I can’t say exactly what we’re talking about here, but we’re talking about some serious prizes! Not just CDs or gift cards here. I’ll have more details as we get closer to finalizing our plans and getting some partners online with us to provide these incredible prizes.

I know this is a major tease and I’m not telling you hardly anything. But I want you to get excited too! More details to come…

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Mar 30 2015

Maintenance Planned – 4/5 – and other news


We have some really great upgrades and fixes we need to apply to our main station server. It will require some downtime, but we plan to have a backup server running. Hopefully the transition between will be seamless and we won’t have any actual downtime.

We have a new SSD drive to install, plenty of updates and other tweaks we’ve been holding off on. Ultimately, the main purpose is to make our station more reliable, robust and available.

We’re also making adjustments to our music selection. We’re trying to play even more big hits, more often so you can enjoy listening all day. We are excited to have excellent programming to compliment our already fantastic music selection.

Each weekday, we have The 90s @ Noon and The 90s Drive @ 5. Two full hours of commercial 90s Country hits. On the weekends, we have several shows that bring diversity and excitement to you. On Saturdays, we have two shows that feature and celebrate Texas Country. Also known as Red Dirt, this fun and gritty music plays for two hours at Noon with the CD-Tex Radio show and for another two hours at 7pm on the Texas Country Music Countdown. On Sundays, we have Big Country USA at Noon with two hours of the best country and artist interviews, contests and a lot of fun. At 7pm, The Hot Country Countdown presents the 20 biggest songs in the industry.

We thank you for choosing us. Out of the thousands of Country stations online and on the radio, we’re extremely humbled and honored that you continue to choose us! We welcome and encourage your feedback and ideas. Please comment here or any of our social media pages with anything you’d like to share. Thank you again for being the best fans and friends!


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Jan 29 2015

Our Listen Page – Updated

playHey friends! I wanted to let you all know that we’re in the process of updating our Listen page. The goals we have in mind are 1)Mobile/Touch friendly, 2)Fast and efficient, and 3)More awesome!

Feel free to visit the Listen page any time to have easy access to our different streams as well as clicking on things that help support us. We have a couple banner ads as well as our new Album Art Slider that shows you the current song and a few of the most recent ones played. Clicking on the Buy At Amazon button in the Slider will let you buy music at the same great price but they kick a little bit to us for each purchase.

As always, we want your honest feedback. If there’s anything off or strange about it, or you have an idea to make it better, please let us know through the regular channels.

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Jan 06 2015

Happy 2015!!

New Year Wallpaper.Happy New Year!!

Thank you so much for being the loyal and most outstanding fans a little internet radio station could ever wish for! 2014 was such a fantastic year of growth and maturing of America’s Country. We were able to generate some income and use that for hardware and software upgrades. We’re now running on a much more powerful and modern server that has been rock-solid. Our music playback software is top-notch and working like a champ. And it’s all thanks to you listening and visiting and patronizing our excellent sponsors!

2015 is looking very promising for even more expansion! America’s Country is poised to make explosive growth this year! Internet radio is growing and becoming more and more accessible with in-dash car stereos that feature built-in streaming and other mobile internet applications. 4G LTE and other wireless data technologies are growing and spreading further and further allowing more people to listen to internet stations like America’s Country in their cars more and more! I’m incredibly excited and have shivers from the anticipation!

To help gear up for this explosive growth, in the next few weeks, I’ll need to perform some additional maintenance on our server to ensure we’re setup and prepared. I’ll post on our Social Media and this website for the planned maintenance periods in advance to help you be aware. Any down-time or outages should be very minimal.

Again, thank you very much for being a part of America’s Country! I am deeply grateful for your support and your help in moving us to the next level! Please share your love and passion for America’s Country by sharing our Facebook, Twitter, Google + pages and feeds with all of your friends, loved ones and co-workers! We need your help to grow!

Love ya!

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